Jos Krick Photography

Only photograph what you love.

Lions - Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam Roosevelt Island Tramway, New York Niagara Falls Durango Silverton narrow gauge railroad Sailing Welcome to Wyoming Elephant- South Africa Norway Dubai Truck show - USA Bird on a twig Rinoceros - South Africa Bicycle Black & White Classic Carshow Truck camper Sunset - Monument Valley Butterfly Hummer H2 Key West Seaplane Adventures

Welcome to my website

As stated above, I photograph the subjects that appeal to me the most. During our travels through America, Canada and Norway we encountered the most beautiful landscapes. From the Great Plains to imposing mountains, from waterfalls to crystal clear lakes. Enough subjects to photograph. Photographing cities is also one of my favorites. And last but not least, I also like to shoot all types of transport.






Trains, Planes and Automobiles